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Hunter Green  Spinning Wheel Bag  Pictured above.  Click here for more pictures of the Padded Hunter Embroidered Bag
Description:  Padded with 1/2" foam. 1" web handles with release snap. wheel area with two inside pockets, both sides zippered  pockets and storage. 18”x18”x10”:  More pictures click here
Hunter/tan,   $119.00  plus shipping to lower 48 Approximately 2 weeks to have your bag made and embroidered. We changed the embroidery to look like the Ultimate Bag embroidery Fairy Thimble design. 
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See the specifications of THE PROTECTOR Fairy Thimble traveling bag and more pictures..  Click HereThimble_Carry_Bags.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0

Click on the video below to see my daughter spinning on the new Fairy Thimble wheel.  I taught her to spin when she was about 12 years old.  She is now 21 and has not spun at all since then.  Too busy with school academics, graduating Magna Cum Laude and starting medical this fall. Her spinning when she learned was the typical thick and thin, start and stop of the beginning spinner.

She took off and started spinning like a pro on the Fairy with nice even yarn.  This is proof  to me the Fairy is perfect for all levels of spinners from beginners to the  experienced.-Katy

Click Arrow above  to see the Fairy Thimble Spinning  Her yarn skein below. Great Job!
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The Fairy Thimble Manualfile://localhost/Fairy%20Thimble%20instructions_pdf.PDF